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TCB Boxing/MMA New Schedule

Morning Schedule:

6:00-7:00 AM
Muay Thai

6:00-10:00 AM
Open Gym

Evening Schedule:

5:30-6:00 PM
Combat Conditioning

Kid’s Wrestling/MMA
5:30 PM-6:30 PM

6:00-7:30 PM

7:30-9:00 PM
Nogi Jiu Jitsu/MMA

6:00 PM-7:15 PM
Kids Olympic TKD

6:00-7:30 PM
Adult Wrestling

7:30-9:00 PM
Muay Thai
9:00-10:00 PM
Open Gym

Privates available around the clock by appointment. Private session info.

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TCB Fight Factory: More classes added to the mornings. Muay Thai and Boxing at 6 am for the early birds.

Starting now, Muay Thai and Boxing available at 6am. Contact us for more info! Click here for contact info and schedules.

Mike Wessel big Bellator win over Ryan Martinez.

Congratulations to Mike Wessel on his win over Ryan Martinez last night! On his way to become the heavyweight champ for Bellator! Also congrats to Jacob Noe as well with his first round knockout.


Aaron Kimball, Mike Wessel and Max Bishop after Mike’s big win in Tunica, MS.

AK, Mike Wessel, and Bellator fighter Jacob Noe preparing for Aug 24th showdown.

Weekend of training at Mike Wessel’s gym in Jonesboro, AR. UFC vet Mike Wessel and Bellator fighter Jacob Noe both have fights coming up in Tunica, MS with Bellator on August 24th!


Philip Marbut ~ November 12, 1985 – July 15, 2012

When you train, sweat, and bleed with someone and experience the highs of victory an the lows of defeat like we are accustomed to with our sport you develop a bond unlike anything else in the world. We know each others strengths, weaknesses, and breaking points. We learn to trust ourselves to our coaches and our teammates (sometimes almost blindly) and lift each other up when we are weak. We treat one another like family and get to understand each others quirks and personalities and overcome difficulty together. We melt together and take on parts of one another and synchronize on a whole different level. We push each other until we are absolutely broken and then pick each other up and hug like blood family.

There is no way for someone on the “outside” to know how much love and respect we have for our brothers and our team. I tell my boys I love them every single day without fail. They are everything to me. I am devastated to my core about our loss. Some of us have gone our separate ways and chosen different paths in both training and in life but that doesn’t change the time we spent,the reps we’ve logged and the hours, days, months, and years we’ve spent together in the ever-continuing break/build lifestyle we lead. I can’t say enough about Philip and I feel like a piece of me is gone too. I hate to see such a good guy have to go and I hate even more this feeling of helplessness. I wish words existed to provide some comfort to his family.

We’re all adrenaline junkies and I know that we all flirt with danger or even death routinely (I know i sure do) but when something like this happens it puts things into a whole new perspective for us and our loved ones. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow so I encourage all of our people to treat each other, each day, like it may be the last time you see them. Show love, express gratitude, share kisses and hugs, give forgiveness, and hold no regrets later on.

I could go on and on but I’ll close with this. Our lil brother Philip was a special guy and I want us all to share a few memories on here no matter how small, big, funny, sad, etc it might be. We love you “mongoose” and your memory we will carry with us forever. Thx for leaving some special memories on our hearts and in our minds, you were one of a kind. Love you brother, AK-



Head coach Aaron Kimball working with UFC Mike Wessel for his upcoming fight at ShoFight in Springfield, MO.


Mike Wessel’s gym in Jonesboro, AR.

TCB highlights.

TCB Goes 2-0 in Springfield, MO

Steven Pierce improves his MMA record to 3-0 Saturday night at XCF in Springfield, MO via GnP, 2nd rd TKO!
Jesse Beck improves to 3-1 via GnP also, TKO 2nd rd against veteran of 250 plus boxing matches and undefeated pro Adrien Armstrong!
Great work guys! They were both tested a little bit in different ways so all in all it was a GREAT night. Thanks to the people that came to support! Go TCB!


Strength and conditioning

Just a “quick” push/pull/explosive workout before stand up and grappling class. Come try it out!