3 first round TKOs!

Congrats to Mike Berrios, Tony Marquez, and Quentin Goodie on their 1st round TKOs! Adrenaline Fight League on Saturday July 12th. Great job guys!

Mike Wessel big Bellator win over Ryan Martinez.

Congratulations to Mike Wessel on his win over Ryan Martinez last night! On his way to become the heavyweight champ for Bellator! Also congrats to Jacob Noe as well with his first round knockout.


Aaron Kimball, Mike Wessel and Max Bishop after Mike’s big win in Tunica, MS.

AK, Mike Wessel, and Bellator fighter Jacob Noe preparing for Aug 24th showdown.

Weekend of training at Mike Wessel’s gym in Jonesboro, AR. UFC vet Mike Wessel and Bellator fighter Jacob Noe both have fights coming up in Tunica, MS with Bellator on August 24th!


TCB brings home a couple of wins this past weekend at UCW!

“Backpack” Bryan Johnson wins via first rd Von Flue choke in 40 seconds. Josh Rivers wins via referee stoppage in Rd 2 due to a NASTY cut from a TCB left hook and won fight of the night. Donald has his first tough fight and really got tested by a much more experienced opponent and last minute change (but we took it anyway cause that’s how we do) and got up time and time again like a warrior and got stopped late in the second but was definitely a great fight.


TCB highlights.

TCB Goes 2-0 in Springfield, MO

Steven Pierce improves his MMA record to 3-0 Saturday night at XCF in Springfield, MO via GnP, 2nd rd TKO!
Jesse Beck improves to 3-1 via GnP also, TKO 2nd rd against veteran of 250 plus boxing matches and undefeated pro Adrien Armstrong!
Great work guys! They were both tested a little bit in different ways so all in all it was a GREAT night. Thanks to the people that came to support! Go TCB!


Congrats Chris and Alex Rodas!

Congratulations to Chris and Alex Rodas on getting ther orange belts in Taekwondo! We’re all extremely proud of you guys!

The kids are all going to a taekwondo tournament at the end of Feb. Contact us if you have any questions!

Pride of the Cage January 15th

We have many fighters fighting January 15th in Joplin, MO.

Fighters including Steven Pierce, Lylna Thao, Keeton Gordon, Robert Kipness, Justin King and many more.

Be sure to come out and enjoy a great fight night, and support the TCB FIGHT TEAM!!

Go Pitbulls!!

NAGA Tournament Results

Jan 20, 20010 Naga tournament results for TCB were:

Preston Snook won heavy weight nogi.

Steve gourley Won heavy weight intermidiate masters gi and nogi, he  also placed 3rd in mens gi.

Micah Stockton won mens featherweight gi intermeidate division

Philip marbut took 2nd in mens beginner gi division.

We are extremly proud of all their hard work and dedication to Team TCB.

Recent Bouts

Jan 16 2010 Preston the pink paladin snook 1-0 beat Justin McCorkle 3-0 in a pro light heavy weight fight. Preston dominate the first rnd with solid ground and pound. In the second Justin came out with a super man punch Preston ducked it clinched landed some good knees Justin went for a take down Preston sunk in a guillatine choke winning in 16 seconds of the second round.

Febuary13 Micah Stockton made his pro debue against former Texas state champ Randy villareal. At the AXC vallentines day massacre 2. Micah took Randy down in the first rnd landed some good punches and elbows. Micah passed the guard landed some more punches took randy’s back tried to rear naked choke but due to randy’s good defense couldn’t get it. In the second round Micah took Randy down Randy swept him and tried to pound him out. Micah swept him back and landed some hard shots then darce choked Randy to sleep in the middle of the second round.

2-0 pro fighter preston Snook was also supose to fight on the AXC show but his oponent James the polar bear express hall. Was 6 pounds over weight and refused to make weight to fight or to not make weight and fight but pay the fine of 10% per pound over weight. So instead James bailed on his fight leaving Preston with no oponent.

Check back for all the latest TCB Fight Team updates.