Clayton Stewart

There is only one place in this world where I don’t mind getting my ass kicked by a 135 pound fighter, and that is at TCB. Keep in mind now, I’m 295 pounds, bench in the 500’s, deadlift in the 700’s. TCB is unlike any gym I’ve ever been to, everyone is a family. I’ve never had a coach like Aaron. I say coach because Aaron is so much more then a trainer, he helps monitor my diet, and he has a way of making me feel great, but never satisfied. The best thing about any of the trainers and even fighters that are at TCB is that they love it, they are passionate about it and that’s what will separate 1st and second place. Many people make up excuses that they have a bad back, or that they don’t have time. I came into the gym first day with a bulged disc, I could barley kick to chest level, couldn’t squat down very well, and had to take a break every 5 minutes of training because my back was swelling up. A few months later, I’m back to squatting over 400 pounds for reps and I don’t feel one ounce of pain. TCB boxing was able rehabilitate me when the Arkansas Razorbacks Chiropractor couldn’t. And for the time aspect, even money aspect, I don’t know how you could ever put a price or time limit on making a change in your life for the better. My life has changed so much, I came into TCB in a very bad time in my life, no one judged me, everyone was accepting, a few months later I’m better than I’ve ever been in my life, with goals that are not only higher than ever but goals of which I can reach. There is a video from Kai Greene which reminds me so much of anyone that I meet at TCB which is called Kai Greene Rage Philosophy; but I’ll summarize if for you and put it in the aspect of TCB. When I see these guys pushing themselves to the very last second, as if it is life or death, you can tell that these nice guys in this gym is full of rage, and you only see it when they are hitting the heavy bag, or just doing an exercise that takes everything. Some people will always talk about how hard things will be in their life, the people at TCB talk about how hard things were. You don’t meet someone that is all talk at TCB, and if you are all talk I really don’t recommend that you go to TCB. But if you want a gym that will make you feel like family, that will make you want to go to the gym even when you can barley walk because how hard you trained the day before, TCB Boxing is the place for you. I started at TCB just wanting to learn basic self-defense, now I have found a passion for MMA, and I have a fight scheduled. Before going to TCB, I never thought that I would EVER want to do an MMA fight, now I’m excited and ready. I know that with everyone at TCB being behind me, helping me push through all the pain that it takes to succeed, that I will succeed. I cannot put a dollar amount on what I’ve gotten out of training at TCB, I have a group of friends that understand who I actually am, I have confidence in anything I ever do or want to do, I’m healthier then ever, and I found a passion in life. I’d recommend this gym to anyone, no matter how out of shape you are, you’re previous injuries, or how much time your limited to. I hope one day to be able to welcome you to the TCB family.

-Clayton Stewart


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