Blizzard Warning

Today we started with a “push workout” meaning chest and tris primarily. We did a rep scheme of 10, 8, 6, and 5 sets of 3. That type of rep scheme allows lighter weight fighters the ability to add a crazy amount of strength without putting on excess weight, thereby allowing them to stay within the limits of their weight class. We followed that with an ab circuit for approx 15 minutes before working into boxing class.

We cross trained heavily with our wrestling team today intertwined with our boxing which is a very nightmarish formula for our opponents…not only is our signature TCB hybrid stand up system evolving/improving by leaps and bounds but we are also defending hundreds of shots/takedowns a day from some of the state’s best wrestlers which is making it increasingly difficult to bring us to the ground. After boxing and clinch work, we transitioned right into BJJ which is also known to be a strength of ours (approx 40 percent of our wins are by submission).

In the event you DO take a TCB fighter to the ground you will now be defending an arsenal of sweeps, submissions, and ground and pound. It reminds me of the old sniper saying “run if you want, you’ll only die tired”.

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