My great grandfather opened our family’s first gym in 1909. He trained many fighter including my grandfather, Thomas Morrison. Thomas started training and running the gym in 1939. He became pro and faught 37 times retiring unbeaten as a welterweight. My grandpa was always interested in wrestling and boxing. He ended up having 4 sons, all of whom became multi-state Golden Gloves Champions. One of his sons had 2 more sons (my cousins) who became pro fighters, one being a world heavyweight champion in 2 different organizations (Tommy “The Duke” Morrison). My father being the adrenaline junkie also grew up flying planes, racing cars, and fighting. Naturally growing up immersed in this, I had an intrinsic motivation to carry the torch for my family. Since I was little, we trained in a spare bedroom of my house. We began to wreck that room so we started training at my dad’s auto shop. After outgrowing the shop, we ended up in a nearby neighbor’s workshop. He ended up moving so we found an old dilapidated building where you could see sunlight through the roof. When it rained, we had to squeegee the floor the next day. Nonetheless it was home for us for a number of years for the price of an electric bill. From there we ended up at our old location, 2nd st. in Rogers Arkansas where we held classes for 8 years. I then met Steve Gourley and a few of his students and began cross training. We developed a very strong personal and business relationship and the the Fight Factory was born…

– Aaron Kimball

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